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    A gastronome rendez-vous in a magical place

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    A refined traditional cuisine

  • 3

    An Art Nouveau setting

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    Close to the Champs Élysées

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    A calm and quiet terrace

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    Sumptuous glass roof classified as a historic

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Paris birthday dinner restaurant

Near the Champs Elysées

restaurant anniversaire paris

Who has never dreamt of celebrating his or her birthday in a sumptuous restaurant? Near the Champs-Elysées, La Fermette Marbeuf provides an ideal setting for blowing out your candles. Its splendid Art Nouveau decor with pastel colours is an invitation to dream with its late 19th-century romantic atmosphere. The « 1900-style room » topped by a magnificent glass canopy roof listed as an historic monument provides an intimate, cosy ambience. The « Fermette room », with its soft lighting and dreamlike ceramic tiling, also provides the ideal backdrop for a birthday celebration.

A Paris Birthday Dinner Restaurant to savour light-as-air cuisine

restaurant anniversaire parisBoth light and typically bourgeois (light puff pastry of Burgundy snails, soufflé au Grand Marnier), the chef of this birthday dinner restaurant proposes a cuisine that perfectly blends refinery and savour. Whether choosing the magical ambience of the « 1900-style room » or the cosier, more intimate atmosphere of the « Fermette room » to celebrate your birthday, your meal will be an unforgettable moment. Duck foie gras, Red Label Vallégrain pork chop, soufflé au Grand Marnier among others are the cornerstones of La Fermette Marbeuf’s reputation. The tasting menu offers the most refined fare with seasonal delights: semi-cooked whole foie gras, organic Scottish smoked salmon, or fillet of gilthead sea bream. For dessert, this Paris birthday dinner restaurant can also customize your very own cake.

A Birthday Dinner restaurant next to the Crazy Horse

restaurant anniversaire paris

The birthday dinner restaurant par excellence, La Fermette Marbeuf provides an ideal setting to share a festive meal between friends, with the family or at a lovebirds’ table for two. Ideally situated in the heart of Paris’ 8th district, the restaurant is within easy reach of one of the nearby theatres (Le Rond Point, La Comédie des Champs-Elysées) for you to round off your evening… unless you prefer going on to one of the Champs-Elysées’ prestigious clubs.

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